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Our Deice Management System is the IGLOO Suite, or  Integrated Ground Logistical Operations Organizer. This set of applications will take the process of managing your deice operation to a new level. It consists of several separate programs so you can pick only what you need.

DeiceIGLOO is engineered to work best in a Central Deice Facility. It is customized to your procedures and deicing needs. It will track deicing fluid, deicing/anti-icing times, personnel, truck usage, placement and training. It can be adapted for use with other automation such as GPS, inline process meters and flow meters.

MobileIGLOO is designed to be placed in the Deice Truck. It can be used independantly for small operations or with DeiceIGLOO for larger operations. It gives the operator of the truck the ability to track all the same information as DeiceIGLOO.

ViewIGLOO is an internet-based application that will bring your deicing operation to you anywhere in the world. With the proper credentials you can view past and present deice information through a graphical view of the Deicing area. You will be able to see where the aircraft are in their individual process, queued aircraft, step times, time on pad, average times, truck usage and placement.

ReportIGLOO is an internet-based application that gives you access to custom spreadsheet style reports, customer setup, personnel monitoring, bulletins and training, billing, data editing and other administrative functions.

RecapIGLOO will give you the ability to replay past deicing events to see how your operation did over the specified time span. You can replay the movement of aircraft and trucks at real time or slow it down to see details.

Every well-run business knows that what gets measured, gets managed. With any part of the IGLOO Suite you can feel confident that your deice operation will be efficient, safe and effective.

It all starts with a single drop...